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What is YOUR
Mental Training Plan for When Things Go Wrong?


Ready to take control of your mind and body to perform at your best under pressure?​



Increase your confidence, improve focus, overcome mental blocks, and more.

Mental training programs for athletes will help YOU perform at YOUR best.​


Give your entire team the tools they need to perform under pressure.

Group mental training programs deliver individualized plans to an entire team or program.​


Is your child ready to develop a mental training program?

Equip your kid(s) with the tools needed to succeed in sports & life.

What We Do

Fearless Performances has partnered with Ben Carnes, creator of The Mental Training Plan, to provide mental performance training for athletes looking to improve their mental toughness, improve confidence, and play at their best under pressure!

Don't just hope you will be ready,
Make your
PLAN and be sure of it!


What EVERY Athlete Must Know: Mental performance is a skill set you can train and develop just like physical and skill based performance.

Just like you can train your body to develop the proper technique to squat a barbell, dribble a basketball or throw a pitch, you can train your mind to become more focused, resilient, and confident.

But it won’t happen by accident. You need a customized plan to be sure that you can play at your best when it matters the most!

Some of the the mental skills  you need to be successful include:

Elite Mindset.  Before you step onto the field of play you will need to "Win in Your Mind First" and have the self talk.

Self Awareness.  Understanding how your feeling influence your thoughts that control you words and your actions.  Know how to attain an unbeatable attitude and form habits that manifest a positive and elite level performance.

Self-control and Discipline. Being able to identify and consistently do the things that will have the greatest impact on reaching your big goals.

Confidence and Control. Learning how to create unshakeable belief in yourself and your ability so you can perform consistently under pressure and navigate adversity.

Focus. Being able to train your attention, and develop the self-regulation to stay focused when things try to get you off your goals.

Routines and Habits of excellence. High level performance is the result of great positive habits, formed through repetition, to create pre/during/post competition routines.

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