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Mental Training Plan


You need to win in you mind first!  Having a mental training plan is the key to and critical for athletes to master to gain the competitive advantage.  There are three skills that all great athletes train with to gain an unfair edge over the competition.  Athletes must have the ability to focus their attention where and when needed, no matter what else is going on, manage their energy for optimal mental and physical readiness, and be confident in their abilities

Mental performance training for athletes looking to improve their mental toughness, improve confidence, and play at their best under pressure, based on Ben Carnes Mental Training Plan program.


Everyone's mind and body react differently to stress, pressure, and adversity. YOU need a mental training program customized to fit YOUR needs that will help you control YOUR mind and body when the game is on the line.

The good news is that the mental skills required for high-pressure performance can be taught, learned, and practiced just like any other skill. A mental performance coach can help you improve the mental side of your game.

Fearless Performances utilizes the Mental Training Plan to deliver ​a virtual and/or on onsite program that delivers a tailored plan for every athlete based upon their needs.

Sporty Teens


Increase your confidence, improve focus, overcome mental blocks, and more.

Mental training programs for athletes will help YOU perform at YOUR best.​



Give your entire team the tools they need to perform under pressure.

Group mental training programs deliver individualized plans to an entire team or program. 



Is your child ready to develop a mental training program?

Equip your kid(s) with the tools needed to succeed in sports & life.

Select Your Plan


Quick Game plan

1 hour Online training program designed to help you create a customized plan to regain control of your mind and body.  A sixty minute virtual coaching call with Fearless Performances is scheduled to help create and understand mental training plan.


Elite Golf Mindset

Designed for the Golfer.  Our complete online training program that  is built on the latest in brain research and neuropsychology to help you take back control of your mind and body on the golf course.  Includes a 90 min virtual coaching call with Fearless Performances .


6 Week Champion Mindset Program

Learn how to increase confidence, control your focus, and much more! This 6-week course will help develop the mental skills necessary to perform at an elite level. Each week has its own goal, activities, and actions to track in your notebook.  Includes a weekly coaching call with Fearless Performances.

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