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Find Your Inner Strength (FYIStrength) Leadership Academy for Teens

“Building the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow”

What We Do

Find Your Inner Strength (FYI Strength) is a leadership program for teenagers where we scientifically show how a mindful based approach to training their mental toughness, emotional resilience and emotional intelligence, not only greatly increases health and well being, but allows them to bring out the best in themselves.  We teach leadership by helping teens find their inner strength. We teach how to lead and perform under great duress and pressure.  How to thrive under stress.  We use a combination of live training, group interaction, and interactive practices, to help individuals develop emotional intelligence skills needed to thrive in volatile, uncertain, complex and often ambiguous times.  We teach what they can't learn in the school system - what it takes to become a great leader in today's complex, ever changing and fast paced world.  Many of the skills they learn in the academy were born from the great leaders, rulers, and warriors of our past history.


Origins of

Find Your Inner Strength

Find Your Inner Strength is a program designed to train you on understanding how your emotions and mindset control your actions and ultimately control what you do and who you become.  It combines, John Kabot Zinn’s mindfulness, Google’s emotional intelligence and ex NAVY SEAL Mark Divines’ Unbeatable Mind training.   In FYI Strength we scientifically discuss how a mindful based approach to training your mental toughness, emotional resilience and emotional intelligence not only greatly increases your health and well being, but allows you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.  In this program you will find your authentic self, define your purpose in life, what you are passionate about, gain control over your emotions and thoughts, all allowing you to effectively lead others. 

Find Your Inner Strength Leadership Academy


FYIStrength is an evidence based, interactive program designed to teach teenagers to elevate their performance, build effective leadership skills, strengthen collaboration and increase their overall well being.  This is a program that focuses on the five key areas of emotional intelligence: self awareness, self regulation, motivation, social skills and leadership skills - combined with mindfulness practice, neuroscience and leadership applications.





FYIStrength helps teens to address the challenges of becoming leaders who are able to handle adversity in difficult times while creating an inspired vision for others.  Through attention training, self knowledge and self mastery, individuals will learn practices and skills to develop the habits of leading others with compassion and great insight.  These skills provide the individual with the ability to regulate and master their emotions while developing the habits needed to facilitate highly collaborative environments.  The training is delivered based upon three key areas:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Workplace studies prove that emotional intelligence is one of the greatest predictors of leadership and life success.  People with high levels of EQ inspire and motivate those around them, create synergy to foster collaboration between team members and build trust from acting with empathy, compassion, integrity and honesty.




Significant and growing evidence based research shows that mindfulness reduces stress, improves attention and sensory processing; and physically alters parts of the brain associated with learning, memory, and emotional regulation, and perspective-taking.  These are all critical cognitive skills for leaders attempting to maintain their equilibrium under constant pressure.




The growth of Emotional Intelligence has been driven by some significant steps in our understanding of how the brain works. To understand and develop EQ we must understand the neuroscience behind it.

Find Your Inner Strength Leadership Program 


The Find Your Inner Strength Leadership Program combines neuroscience, mental toughness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence based upon evidence based research and the latest science.  FYIStrength builds these disciplines through interactive training and establishes the skills needed to increase collaboration, develop leadership and promote a sense of well being.  


Through the FYIStrength leadership program you will gain an understanding and application of:



The development of an emotionally intelligent leader is dependent on becoming self-aware, and can be trained through mindfulness.  Training your attention allows you to be in the present and gives you insight into how feelings and thoughts change the way you act.  FYIStrength teaches the neuroscience behind how being mindful enables you to have awareness of your emotions, be calm, focus through a clear mind, and develop your internal effectiveness.




FYIStrength teaches you how to manage your emotions with the skills needed to regulate and respond effectively.  You are taught to identify what the triggers and causes of your emotions are and how to manage the reaction to them through mindful practices, breath work, visualization and self talk.   Learn how to control your stress response and the management of emotional triggers.


Social Skills


Effective leaders are able to relate to friends and teammates and know how to build relationships and trust.  Understand the neuroscience behind building empathy and learn practices designed to strengthen and increase your ability to understand other people's feelings.

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Developing teens' self-awareness forms the foundation for improving how they manage their behaviors and interactions with others.  FYIStrength training allows you to understand your emotions and how your thoughts and feelings change the way you act and perform.  By understanding your emotions, behaviors and habits you’ll learn to accurately assess yourself, develop self-confidence and learn how to be more calm and focused.  You will learn practices to recognize sensations, thoughts and emotions.




When you have defined your higher purpose, and passions are aligned with your values, you will be motivated to perform better on a daily basis, allowing you to reach your dreams and goals.  Learn skills and techniques to discover your values, reach for your dreams and increase your motivation. 


Leadership Skills


Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership skill.  Learn how leaders achieve breakthrough results in a way that is inspiring, engaging and compassionate.  Understand how to perform under duress and pressure while making difficult decisions and communicating to others, with great insight into what motivates and drives them.

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